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Aramid Fiber / Kevlar Heat Resistant Rope High Strength Fire Retardant

Aramid Fiber / Kevlar Heat Resistant Rope High Strength Fire Retardant

    • Aramid Fiber / Kevlar Heat Resistant Rope High Strength Fire Retardant
    • Aramid Fiber / Kevlar Heat Resistant Rope High Strength Fire Retardant
  • Aramid Fiber / Kevlar Heat Resistant Rope High Strength Fire Retardant

    Detail produk:

    Place of Origin: China
    Nama merek: XINGXIAO
    Sertifikasi: SGS/ MSDS/ CE/ ROHS
    Model Number: XRO01-100

    Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 m
    Harga: negotiable
    Packaging Details: carton
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 10000000 m / year
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    Detil Deskripsi produk
    material: aramid fiber diameter: 1.0-40 mm
    color: yellow temperature resist: 350 ℃
    fireproof grade: grade A Name: Heat Resistant Rope
    Cahaya Tinggi:

    flame retardant rope


    wood stove gasket rope

    High strength fire retardant heat resistant aramid fiber / kevlar rope


    Heat Resistant Rope


    Kevlar rope is often substituted for steel cable where its chemical resistance to rusting and lower weight is a real advantage.


    Because it degrades in the Sun it is often encased in other protective material. Either with a chemical coating, or a rope is made where the core is aramid and the outside is a UV resistant material.


    If an aramid line is to be used in a block or pulley, the diameter of the sheeve must be as large as possible. Ropes which will be asked to go through blocks are braided to be more resistant, either by making them in a very loose braid which flattens when it goes through a pulley, or by special flattened braids.


    Kevlar lines often replace steel in winches. Unline dyneema UHMW it is not subject to heat degradation until well over 500 degrees F while dyneema will melt at 300 degrees F and deform way before this. There are arguments both ways because Kevlar aramids don't like shock loads and degrade in sunlight.


    Kevlar has been used in a suspension bridge in Scotland and as guy wires for hydro towers.


    Because Aramids such as Kevlar and Technora do not conduct electricity, they can sometimes replace steel cables in applications where Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a factor.


    Because of its high resistance to heat, aramid has replaced asbestos in many applications.


    Variety: three strand, four strand, eight strand, twelve strand, double braided etc.

    Advantages: Kevlar is a very strong material, process after polymerization, stretching, spinning, with stable heat~resistance and high strength. As rope it has high strength , temperature difference(-40°C~500°C) insulation corrosion~resistant performance low elongation advantages.

    Application: It is mainly used for high temperature operation, special ship, electrical engineering, marine operations, various types of slings, suspension, military research and other fields.


    Aramid Fiber / Kevlar Heat Resistant Rope High Strength Fire Retardant


    About XINGXIAO

    Wuxi XingXiao Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd is located in Jiangsu Wuxi. It is close to Shanghai and Nanjing, which is very convenient for customers to come here. Our company was founded in 2010, one of the suppliers in China to produce fiberglass fabric , fireproof coated fiberglass fabric, fireproof & insulation thread, rope ,sleeve, fireproof blanket & suit, and detachable non-metallic connector and cover.


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